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Why Wooden toys? Go Eco friendly/ Chill your children with colorful wooden toys

I can understand, over the last few years, wooden toys have made a comeback in a big way.

Why? The most basic reasons are lining here.

When I am purchasing a toy, whether it is for my child or some other one, the first question that probably comes to my mind is “Is this toy safe?”

Small parts that come away easily are a chocking hazard and if the toy breaks for any reason, the sharp bits of plastic could cause injury.

Wooden toys, on the other hand are well made on the whole, rarely come with pieces that could easily be broken by a child and even adults would find them difficult to break. This means that on the whole, they are a much safer go-to for a child’s toy. Especially if the little one is under 5 years old.

In our country, we produce many million tones of plastic waste every year, while the majority of this comes from plastic bottles, broken /wasted plastic materials from other things like toys make up some of that percentage. so why not reduce, reuse and recycle? Wooden toys are a great way to do your bit for the environment without even having to do much at all.

By purchasing a wooden toy, that is sustainably sourced and made from certified wood. You are playing a some part in reducing the amount of plastic waste. Plastic toys even if they made from durable material, have the potential to shatter or if they have the mechanical elements to malfunction where wooden toy can withstand children energetic playing however it happens as they are quiet simply made from strong materials. They are long lasting.

I know that living room of mine will be covered with toys almost 24/7 and some plastic ones can be a real eye -sore-let alone painful, if I step on them by accident. Wooden Toys are famously nicer to have around because they are better to look at and rarely with uncomfortable edges. With their aesthetically pleasing designs and color palettes. I am less and likely to notice wooden toys in my home while my child till gets to run around and play as much as they like.

While plastic toys might offer sound effects and flashing lights, studies show that wooden toys can actually improve children numerical, literary, spatial awareness and problem solving abilities. This is because many wooden toys I used to buy come in the form of puzzles, building blocks where my child has to build patterns or is encouraged to create something new. 

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Family Doll

Dinning Table (miniature)

Abacus learning with dummy clock

Help your mother

Learn multiplication tables with Fun

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