Plants refresh our air and spreads positive energy. Keeping indoor plants in our home is really a good idea to decorate your home. Choosing a unique planter in right size and right color makes your place wonderful. Silver Leaf offers planters in various category such as Ceramic pots, Metal Pots, Resin Pots with wide range of color choices. Happy Shopping!

  • Resin Planters

    Resin Planters (2)

    Resin pots will be more adorable and available from very small sizes which will be more suitable for cactus and succulents. Your resin planter will endure the scorching sun, as well as the winter rains and snow, no matter where you choose to develop your garden. Because resin planters are non-porous and non-hygroscopic, moisture-loving plants will remain healthy because water…
  • Ceramic Planters

    Ceramic Planters (7)

    Ceramic pots are produced from fine-textured clay and glazed to give them a smooth and rich surface. They are readily available in a broad range of designs, colours, and sizes. As a result, these ceramic planters and flower pots are very popular, especially in India. What makes ceramic pots the best? In general, plants grow better in ceramic glazed pots…
  • Metal Planters

    Metal Planters (8)

    Metal pots are a need in your gardening area because they add aesthetic appeal and are quite durable against failures and cracks. Whether you choose metal containers for outdoor plants or indoor plants, Silver leaf have wide range of collections in colorful and unique metal Pots.