Myself Rajeshwari designed our Silver Leaf Gift shop & Pot shop from the customer’s perspective. I do stock my store in the way that we decorate our home. Each and every show pieces, decors, gifts ,toys and planters will be unique and a must buy one. While you are in our store we will not be talking to you, our products will tell you “Take me with you”. 

Silver Leaf will be very conscious in choosing the products at affordable and best rates in market. We started our store with gifts and now expanded with statues, photo frames, wooden toys, educational toys, soft toys and more. When talking about decors, now a days indoor plants play a vital role. Instead of a lavish decorative piece in your foyer, a chilling indoor plant in a designer pot will refresh both your mind and room. Having this in our mind, Silver Leaf have collections of ceramic, resin, metal and plastic planters too in its store. Our floor dimensions may be compact but we have wide range of supplies from all over India, we do supply what you need 👍 We give indeed.

SILVER LEAF Shop no.1 in KK Nagar Trichy