Every child is unique, and we want to make sure that their special day should be unforgettable occasion.
Silver Leaf have the ideal gifts for every little munchkin if you’re looking for an entertaining and informative gift to give a child or throwing your child’s birthday party, playdate, or get-together. Additionally, you can gift a Silver Leaf’s Lively plant for kids so they can develop their responsive ability.

  • Miniatures

    Miniatures (13)

    Miniatures are mini toys that are used to represent a thing or theme in a small area in cost effective manner. Miniatures are super cute articles which will be very playful for kids also. You can decorate the walls and showcase of your living room with colorful and cute miniatures.
  • Wooden Toys

    Wooden Toys (25)

    Wooden Toys are child friendly and echo friendly too. They are very safe toy for kids and aid in developing a child's capacity for logic and reasoning as well as for thought. Wooden toys inspire young children to exercise their minds and think of creative ways to play while assisting them in understanding various forms, weights, and volumes.
  • Educational Toys

    Educational Toys (21)

    Educational Toys promote learning and development also help your children think imaginatively. These toys feature interactive games that encourage your child's imaginative creativity. Your children will use their imaginations to transform the situation into something lovely.
  • Soft Toys

    Soft Toys (21)

    Soft toys for newborns increase their level of assurance and confidence. Soft toys can be well used for pretend play. Practical strategies for teaching new words and sounds include making teddy animals talk and using soft toys to narrate stories. Additionally, Kids will learn how to take turns while speaking and control their voice modulation while we narrate a story…